Presented here are a few examples of our experiments in techniques, concepts, and storytelling methods.

Motion Graphics

DVD Interface
Midway Games Test
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DVD interface screenshot 1 DVD interface screenshot 2

Originally an interface test for Midway Games, this mock-up DVD interface for the movie “Buckaroo Banzai” explores the theme of the movie without falling back on badly looped, spoiler-ridden scenes.

A Study in Rotoscoping Styles
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Various rotoscoping styles ranging from ink, to a moving print block, to the abstract. Only one of the variation samples is available for viewing.

Traditional Style “Cell” Animation

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A selection from a series of our character animations of Onionhead (our unofficial mascot).

War Pigs & Related Oddities

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A visual narrative about the oppressive effect of military one-up-manship. Abstract and flat yet dimensional. In progress.

Web Sites

Kieffer’s Head
Navigation Fun
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Just a fun exploration of interactive animation for a web site navigation system. Roll-over and click on the head to make your own stream of expressions (at Bill Kieffer’s expense).

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